Ring Sling Baby Carrier Rental Program
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Ring Sling Baby Carrier Rental Program

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SB Baby Carrier Rental Program
Special Announcement : Effective from 1st May 2013, Security deposite required for rental is RM70. This is due to high numbers of mommies did not return their rented slings & choose to be uncontactable. Rental fees remain RM30 for 4 weeks.

Looking to try a sling before you buy it?
Need a specific type of carrier for vacation?
Have friends or family visiting who would benefit from a sling to carry their little one while they see the local sights?
Our sling rental program is for you!

Our Ring Sling are :
* highly adjustable, compact front carrier for a small baby and a poppable hip carrier for a toddler
* ease of a pouch-style sling that's fully adjustable
* a baby sling carrier with a built-in nursing cover and sunshade
* a sturdy, washable, breathable hand-loomed cotton & linen fabric for your baby sling

Please contact us if you'd like us to put you on the waiting list.

Terms & Conditions:
* Rental Fee is RM30 for 4 weeks.
* No Refund on Rental fees if you choose to return the slings earlier than the contracted time.
* Security Deposit is RM70 & refundable upon returning the rented sling.
* Late Fee RM 10 per week will be deducted for any late return.If the carrier is not returned by the beginning of the sixth week, your security deposits will not be refunded. You will now own the sling. You can not exchange this sling for another
colour or for a refund.If you know that you will be late returning the carrier, please call us and let us know - we understand that life (especially with a baby!) can be crazy, and we're willing to cut you some slack. We will also call at the beginning of the day on the date the carrier is due to remind you!
* Do not wash the rented Ring Sling yourself. In most cases, typical stains for a baby carrier (spit-up, breastmilk, food) can be treated on our end and will be pardoned.
* You may choose colors based on the Ring Sling availability.
* No discount request will be entertained as Rented Item already is a bargain.
* Shipping cost is not included.

Please click at the image gallery for available colors for rent.

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