Prefolds & Covers

Prefold diapers, sometimes considered the old-fashioned cloth diapers, are pieces of cloth that have been folded numerous times into layers and sewn into a convenient rectangular shape. Although they are "prefolded" they do still require minimal folding to fit your baby; and must be fastened with diaper pins or a Snappi. Alternatively, Prefold diapers can be tri-folded and positioned inside any of our wonderful diaper covers, then simply fasten the diaper cover onto the baby.

Understanding Prefold Diaper Terminology

"Diaper Service Quality" (DSQ) are considered the best quality Prefolds. They are typically made from 100% Chinese or Indian Cotton.

Prefold diapers are generally defined according to their layers; 4x6x6 or 4x8x4. These numbers indicate the layers in each panel of the prefold diaper (the smaller number represents the outer panels and the larger number represent the more absorbent center panel).

However, other materials, such as Hemp and Bamboo, are quickly becoming popular choices due to their super absorbency, trimness, and anti-bacterial properties. Our Hemp Babies Weeds products can be used as a standard Prefold diaper; when folded they also make excellent inserts/doublers for pocket diapers.


  • The most economical cloth diaper option! You can truly diaper on a dime!
  • RM200 or less, from birth to potty training, with prefolds and covers
  • Lasts for years (and through multiple children) when well cared for
  • Allows you the flexibility to decide between wool, fleece or PUL waterproof covers
  • Also makes excellent inexpensive and absorbent inserts for pocket diapers too!
  • Can be recycled and used as household cleaning cloths or polishing rags!