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Newborn FAQ

How many diapers will I need for my newborn?
On average, newborns go through 12-15 diapers per day. We suggest washing your diapers every 2-3 days, so depending on how often you plan to wash; we suggest having 24-45 diapers for your newborn baby. If you are using an option that uses separate covers, you will need fewer covers since they can be reused multiple times.

Berapa banyak cloth diaper yang saya perlukan untuk bayi saya yang baru lahir?

Secara amnya, bayi yang baru lahir memerlukan 12-15 salinan sehari. Kami cadangkan anda untuk membuat cucian setiap 2-3 hari sekali. Bergantung kepada kekerapan cucian anda, kami cadangkan untuk anda mempunyai 24-45 cloth diaper (lampin kain) untuk bayi anda. Jika anda menggunakan lampin jenis berasingan ( seperti prefold + cover, Hybrid), anda hanya perlukan sedikit cloth diaper sahaja kerana cover tersebut boleh diguna berulang kali


How do I prep my newborn diapers?

Any natural fiber like hemp, bamboo or cotton needs to be washed and dried 4-5 times before use. You will need to use detergent on your washes to help remove the natural oils. You do need to do the dries between each wash cycle to help break up the natural fibers and increase their absorbency. They will continue to get even more absorbent in the washes following your initial prep. Synthetic fibers like microfiber only need to be washed and dried once before use.

Bagaimana saya hendak prep newborn diapers saya?

Sebarang  fiber organic seperti hemp, bamboo or cotton (kapas) perlu dicuci & dikeringkan sebanyak 4-5 kali sebelum diguna. Anda juga memerlukan sabun cuci yang sesuai & yang boleh menghilangkan minyak asli yang ada pada fabrik tersebut . Hanya fabric synthetic yang perlu dicuci sekali sahaja sebelum diguna.


I plan to cloth diaper starting at the hospital. What should I bring?

Depending on how long you anticipate your hospital stay to be, you will need 12-15 diapers per day of your stay. If you may have an extended stay, it might be nice if someone can bring your dirty diapers home after your second day and wash them and bring them back to you. You will also need a place to store your dirty diapers. A Planet Wise Large Wet Bag or Hanging Wet/Dry Bag contains all odors and hangs nicely from your little one’s changing station. If you are using prefolds, be sure to bring any Snappis or diaper pins you plan to use. If you plan to use cloth wipes, you will need 10-12 wipes per day as well as your wipe solution if you don’t plan to use plain water.

Saya bercadang untuk memulakan cloth diaper di hospital. Apa yang perlu saya bawa?

Bergantung pada berapa lama anda berada di hospital, anda akan memerlukan dalam 12-15 keping cloth diaper sehari. Adalah disarankan untuk aturkan seseorang (suami, atau ahli keluarga) untuk bantu anda membawa pulang cloth diapers tersebut untuk cucian. Anda juga memerlukan Wet Bag untuk menyimpan cloth diaper yang telah kotor semasa dihospital tersebut.  Jika anda bercadang menggunakan cloth baby wipes, anda memerlukan  10-12  keping sehari bersama wipes solution. Kami cadangkan anda gunakan Thirsties xxxxx & BumGenius xxxxxxx


Does the black, tarry meconium poop ruin the cloth diapers?

In our experience, meconium poop can wash out of cloth diapers easily. There is no special treatment for the removal of it from your diapers; however you may want to use a liner to prevent it from leaving a light stain on your diapers

Adakah najis dalam bentuk meconium akan merosakkan cloth diaper ?

Melalui pengalaman kami, najis meconium agak mudah tanggal dari cloth diaper. Tiada cara yang khas untuk tanggalkan najis tersebut. Jika perlu, anda boleh gunakan liner untuk mencegah daripada kotoran meninggalkan kesan.


Do I have to spray my newborn’s poop off the diapers or use a flushable liner?

If your newborn is exclusively breastfed, you don’t need to do anything to remove the poop from the cloth diaper before storing it in your pail or wetbag. EBF poop is water soluble and very easily washes out of diapers. It is almost void of foul smell as well so it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have any issues with your pail or bag stinking.

Perlukah saya spraykan dengan air untuk tanggalkan najis dari newborn cloth diaper? Atau guna flushable liner?

Jika bayi anda menyusu badan secara eksklusif, tidak perlu. Najis tersebut senang larut & boleh tanggal sewaktu dalam cucian mesin.


My newborn’s diapers are all stained bright yellow from newborn poop. What can I do?

Newborn poop does tend to stain diapers. The good news is that diapers with stains ARE clean. If you are bothered by the stains, the quickest and easiest way to get the stains out is to lay them in the sun when they are still wet out of the washing machine. We find the stains come out very easily this way! We do not suggest using any laundry additives like bleach, baking soda, vinegar, oxyclean or laundry stain treatments on your cloth diapers.

Newborn cloth diaper saya ada kesan kuning dari najis bayi. Apa perlu saya buat?

Najis bayi baru lahir memang mudah meninggalkan kesan pada cloth diaper anda. Tidak perlu risau kerana itu tidak bermakna cloth diaper anda tidak bersih. Jika perlu hilangkan kesan kuning tersebut, jemurkan sahaja dibawah sinaran matahari sebaik sahaja dicuci & masih basah. Kami dapati cara ini memang berkesan. Jangan sekali-kali menggunakan peluntur, baking soda, cuka dan sebagainya.Anda perlu ingat, kulit bayi masih nipis & sangat sensitive pada bahan-bahan peluntur.


How do I wash my newborn’s diapers?

You will start with a cold rinse or cold short wash without detergent. Follow with a warm or hot wash with detergent, ending with an extra rinse. All covers or diapers containing PUL should be hung to dry to prolong their life. Everything else can be tumble dried.

Bagaimana cuci newborn cloth diaper?

Berbeza sedikit daripada saranan dalam bahasa inggeris diatas kerana rata-rate di Malaysia, kita guna mesin basuh muatan atas (top load) & tidak mempunyai suhu air berbeza-beza untuk cucian. Langkah 1 :  Wash & Spin. Langkah 2: Full Cycle ( Wash, Rinse & Spin) . Langkah 3 : (Wash & Spin)

Lihat gambarajah dibawah.


Semua jenis covers & cloth diaper yang ada PUL perlu dijemur untuk kering. Yang lain-lain seperti insert boleh masukkan ke dalam dryer (jika ada) atau sidai sahaja.


Newborn diapers seem like they can be so expensive for being worn such a short time. Is it really worth it?

Depending on how large your baby is at birth, most newborn diapers are worn for 3 months on average. The average disposable newborn diaper cost RM0.45 to RM1.50 each. For a baby going through 12-15 diapers per day, those first 3 months of diapers can cost between RM480 and RM2000. You can easily build a newborn stash for far less than that. Also, you could rent it from us instead!

Newborn cloth diaper agak mahal untuk guna dalam masa yang singkat. Berbaloikah?

Bergantung pada saiz bayi anda masa lahir, rata-rata newborn diapers boleh diguna dalam 3 bulan. Secara purata, lampin pakai buang untuk newbornberharga RM0.45 to RM1.50 sekeping. Bayi memerlukan dalam 12-15 salinan sehari, jadi untuk temph 3 bulan tersebut kos lampin sahaja adalah dalam RM480 hingga RM2000. Kami sarankan untuk anda sewa sahaja newborn cloth diaper kami berjenama Rumparooz. Jauh lebih jimat!


What are some of the lesser expensive newborn diaper options?

Prefold and flat diapers with diaper covers are going to be some of the most economic cloth diaper options for a newborn. Many of our customers love the Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds size 1 & Econobum. You can simply fold your prefold diaper in thirds and lay it in your favorite diaper cover. Flat diapers are a one-size fits all option that can be folded many different ways to fit babies of all ages. They also need to be covered with a waterproof diaper cover.

Apakah pilihan yang ada selain itu?

Anda boleh gunakan Prefold dan flat diapers bersama diaper cover. Ramai pelanggan kami yang menggunakan Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds size 1 , Flat Diaper & Econobum. Anda hanya perlu lipat tiga & letakkan pada cover. Lihat gambar:


My newborn looks uncomfortable with the bulk between their legs. Is it hurting them?

We all worry about the comfort of our children, isn’t that our job?! The good news is that the bulk of the cloth diapers doesn’t hurt your baby in any way. In fact, the "splayed" position is actually a desired position for healthy hip development! If you just need to ease your mind, you can always bring it up to your child’s doctor.

Bayi saya Nampak macam tak selesa sebab cloth diaper Nampak macam besar di kelangkang. Tak sakit ke?

Anda tidak perlu risau walaupun Nampak besar & tebal untuk bayi anda. Sebenarnya, posisi kaki terbuka adalah ideal untuk tumbesaran tulang pinggang. Jika masih risau, anda boleh berbincang dengan doctor anda.


Will a one-size diaper fit my newborn?

Most brands of one-size diapers begin fitting babies close to 10 pounds, but that will vary depend on the build of your baby. Any one size diaper is going to bulkier on a newborn than a sized diaper would since the diaper needs to grow with your baby and fit through the toddler years. If you want an ultra-trim diaper for your newborn, we suggest using a sized diaper option. If you like the convenience of a one-size diaper, look for one that has a sized insert option like a Best Bottom Diaper with a small insert or a Flip Diaper with a newborn insert.

Adakah cloth diaper One-Size sesuai untuk newborn?

Kebanyakan cloth diaper one-size direka untuk bayi dari berat 3 kg ke atas, tetapi ia bergantung pada bentuk pinggang & peha bayi. Pada mulanya, cloth diaper one-siza akan tampak besar & tebal pada newborn tetapi cloth diaper jenis ini boleh dipakai sehingga bayi mencecah 3 tahun atau lebih.  Jika anda mahukan bentuk yang selesa untuk newborn, kami cadangkan untuk anda dapatkan Thirsties Duo Diaper – Size 1, Thirsties Duo All-In-One – Size 1, Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted – Size 1 atau Lil Joey. Jika anda lebih suka jenis One-Size, boleh guna BumGenius 4.0, Rumparooz atau Flip bersama dengan newborn insert.