Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Service (Lil Joey)

Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental Service (Lil Joey)

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The SB Newborn Rental Package has a complete set to full time cloth diaper a newborn baby up to 4 kg using All-In-One newborn diapers. You'll receive 6 Rumparooz Newborn Diapers (Lil Joey).  And you'll have 8 weeks from the time baby is born to use this rental package.

Why would you choose a newborn rental package?

  • You know you want to cloth diaper, but you're not sure yet what cloth diapering system you want to use and baby is almost here, so you need diapers to use for the first 2 months.
  • Since most one size diapers don't fit until around 4Kg and, you want to avoid the yucky chemicals in disposables and use instead this newborn cloth diaper rental until your baby fits into one size diapers.
  • You love the idea of your baby wearing cotton against his delicate skin.
  • You'd rather have SentuhanBayu take the guess work out of cloth diapering your newborn and sends you what you need. :)
  • And you love that after this rental, you'll know more about cloth diapering. And that SentuhanBayu has so many options you'll be able to use your Gift Cert with!

What do I get?

  • 6 Rumparooz Newborn Diapers (fits 2.5 - 4 kgs)
  • 1 wetbag (Rented)
  • Instructions on using and caring for the diapers

Why Rumparooz for this package?
Because they are absorbant and the easiest diaper to handle.

What's the cost?
The payment required to rent the SB Newborn Rental Package is RM200 ( Flat Rate RM100 to rent + RM100 refundable deposit). You'll have up to 8 weeks (once baby is born and I ask that you rent not more than 2 weeks before your due date) to use the package and then once it's returned, you'll receive a full refund of your deposits (RM100)PLUS RM10 Gift Cert for your next purchase.

Terms & Conditions
By purchasing this package, you agree to these terms.

  • You can keep part or all of the cloth diapers for the retail cost of what you keep.
  • Usual wear is perfectly ok. Stains will happen, but simply dry them in direct sunlight to remove them. Lost or damaged diapers will be deducted full retail price. Stained diapers are ok to send back for us to remove for a RM50 fee or you can remove them yourself by drying them in direct sunlight.
  •  Most or all of the cloth diapers will be gently used, but you may also get some new ones as well. Rentals are shipped back cleaned, but we also inspect, wash and professionally sanitize all diapers. Diapers that show more than gently used wear are taken out of rotation. And that's when you may receive some new diapers in your package.
  • You are responsible for making sure cloth diapers are washed according to our instructions (given in handout provided). No fabric softerner, scented detergent, vinegar or baking soda may be used. Diapers that are returned with a strong scent will be deducted full retail cost.
  • You're welcomed to rent this package for up to 8 weeks and the rental begins once the package arrives to you. Diapers returned earlier are charged same rental fee.
  • Because of the already built in discount, additional discounts cannot be used on this package. The price RM200 does not include shipping cost.

How to order:
Do contact us to check slot availability to avoid disappointment. Provide your due date and we'll do our best to have your package delivered within 1 week of your due date. However, please allow 2 weeks from date of ordering for your package to ship.  

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