CD Definition

All-In-One Diaper (AIO)

Cloth diaper that has an inner absorbent layer attached to an outer waterproof layer with adjustable closures (either Velcro or snaps).  All In One Diapers are just like disposable diapers except you wash them!



Most convenient

Easiest to use

Most like disposable diapers



Most expensive

Usually takes longest to dry



Fitted Diaper

Tailor fitted diaper with Velcro or snap closures so cloth diaper fits closely to baby.  Requires no folding and uses a waterproof diaper cover.  



Still convenient yet less expensive than All In One Diaper or AIO

Easy to use

Very absorbent - great when used as a nighttime cloth diaper



Requires a diaper cover / diaper wrap

Usually takes longer to dry than a Chinese prefold diaper but dries faster than an AIO diaper



Prefold Diaper 

Rectangular shaped flat cloth diaper with an absorbent pad already sewn in.  Comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.  Chinese prefold diapers need to be folded to fit in a waterproof diaper cover.



Least expensive diapering option

Fast drying

No need for as many different sizes

Versatile - can be used for other functions such as inserts / doublers, burp clothes, rags, etc.



Requires a diaper cover or diaper wrap

Requires some folding (may require a little practice)



Pocket Diaper

A diaper cover that has an opening for a folded cloth Chinese prefold diaper or specially designed inserts to be "stuffed" into.  This is a two part cloth diapering system.



Fast drying

Gives a very trim fit

Most like an all-in-one diaper making it very convenient



Cloth diaper cover with pocket needs to be washed after every use

Can be expensive

Need to "stuff" each cloth diaper with a Chinese prefold or insert



Diaper Cover / Diaper Wrap

Used over Chinese prefold diapers and fitted diapers to waterproof.  Diaper covers wrap around baby and secures with Velcro or snaps for easy use (no more pins!).  Each diaper cover can be used several times without washing if allowed to air dry between uses.  Diaper covers usually can be washed along with diapers (depends on brand and manufacturer suggestions).


Diaper Insert / Diaper Doubler

Both diaper inserts or diaper doublers add extra absorbency to any type of cloth diaper.  The difference between a diaper insert and a diaper doubler is the size and thickness.  Diaper inserts are typically 3"x11".  Diaper doublers are typically 4"x14" and usually are used for older babies. 


Fleece Liner

Fleece pulls the wetness away from baby keeping baby feeling dry.  Also, can help with clean-up.  Fleece liners do not add extra absorbency.